say Haroon Mokhtarzada

com Acquires Facebook Page Builder Pagemodo

The company did not disclose the terms of the acquisition.

Pagemodo enables small business owners to design their own custom Facebook pages for free. Customers that do not have any technical or design skills can create professional Facebook pages that attract visitors and promote their businesses.

Acquiring the company is certainly a logical move for Webs, which offers do it yourself website building services to over 50 million users.

The deal is also interesting in that many hosting firms might consider Facebook as a threat to their business as the popular social network site offers a free alternative to their paid hosting services.

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Instead, Webs will offer the free add on feature to its existing Web design and hosting packages and in doing so, work with Facebook instead of against it.

is the perfect addition to the Webs family of products, say Haroon Mokhtarzada, CEO and co founder of Webs. first mission was to make it super easy for anyone to create a professional looking website, and millions of small businesses benefited from the Webs solution. Today, small businesses are increasingly turning to Facebook as a new marketing channel, so we think it time to make it just as easy to manage a Facebook presence. using Pagemodo Pagebuilder, small businesses can design and add new tabs to their Facebook fan pages.

The Pagebuilder provides ready made templates with several customization options, enabling users to upload pictures, embed videos, change the color palette, modify copy, and more.


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